Lammas Green Nursery, Lammas Green Community Hall, Sydenham Hill, Sydenham London SE26 6LT
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Early Learning

We want our children to learn from experiencing lots of different and exciting activities and places in our environment and are proud of the variety of experiences we offer our children and their families.

These includes regular trips to the woods in Crystal Palace Park. This encourages children to explore and be curious about wildlife and the nature around them. We build dens, make pictures from leaves and sticks and hunt for mini beasts.

Weekly trips to the Book shop which encourages children to be interested in books, words and the different types of literature that is around them.

We encourage our families join us on trips to China Town, the farm, Theatre trips and much more.

We offer weekly mindfulness sessions where children learn to be proud of themselves and how we treat one another. We have weekly dance sessions where children learn to move to different types of music and build confidence to join in group situations. We have weekly singing and story sessions to help promote their listening, communication and language skills. We have daily Phonic sessions where children learn the sounds of letters ready for starting school and we also offer weekly French session where children learn simple words and phrases in a fun way.

What is a Curriculum?

This may sound like a silly question, but if you ask three different people it would be very likely that you would get three very different answers.

In short our use of this term is to achieve a well-rounded, progressive and successful curriculum which will have some essential factors:

How our environment is set up.

What is the carer’s role?

The activities that are offered are both planned and unplanned.

I strongly believe that children have the right to develop at their own pace in a structured but fun environment that is always child focused and child led. As a team we will encourage children’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

As committed early years practitioners we hope that every day will be an adventure for the children at Lammas Green. We will provide them with activities that are not only fun but will extend and develop their enquiring minds and will give them the freedom to develop their own personalities.

Expressive arts and design activities such as painting and junk modelling, will not only develop a child’s communication skills, but will help develop their imagination and self-esteem.

Physical development through music and dance, climbing and activities which will develop fine motor skills will help the children discover how to take turns and play in a group situation.

Understanding the world will give our children the opportunity to investigate the environment and the local community, and to discover how things work!

Maths will be fun with lots of number songs games and role play in the home corner.

Communication and language will be part of everything the children do. With the team continuously speaking to the children we will be making sure that all children are immersed in a language rich environment.

Literacy will be part of their everyday activity with text and labels for them to see, copy and imitate with lots of opportunities to write and mark make.

Making relationships at this early age is really important, so personal, social and emotional development will be paramount at Lammas green. All team are committed to ensuring that all children feel valued, comfortable, safe and secure and nurtured and their needs will always come first.

Children will use their curiosity to investigate ICT equipment, using simple software on our nursery tablets and using hand held radios to communicate with each other.

Our aim is to give your child the best possible start before full time education.

Quality control

We are committed to providing the highest quality childcare and will always value any feedback from parents/carers. We work closely with the local Early Years team and are registered and reviewed by Ofsted and are affiliated member of the National Pre School Learning Alliance.

Planning is done ‘in the moment’ and is implemented through the observations that the team make each day. This ensures that each child’s individual needs are being met and that the activities are based around the children’s interest, ensuring that they are exciting and inviting for the children who attend on different days.

Monitoring your child’s development

We will always want to share your child’s development with you and will do this by:

  • Speaking to you on a daily basis to inform you of how their day has been and any achievements they have made.
  • Development reports during the year.
  • Parent’s evenings to discuss your child’s progress and to set targets together.
  • Access to your child’s on line learning journey once a month
  • Through our Facebook page

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